Harmony Hill Farm

Existing Infrastructure: 
There are three garden areas, each about 1/2 acre. Water, electricity are in place and each garden has deer fencing. Two gardens are on drip irrigation, newest area has to have system built but materials are ready to go. Each area has 1/2 -3/4 sun exposure, SE face.
Two 30' trailers w full hookups, tv, internet access are available


Fiddletown, CA 95629
United States
38° 31' 57.3564" N, 120° 41' 55.0176" W
Description of Property: 
Property is located in El Dorado Co. on the S. Fork of the Cosumnes River. Ten acres with meadows and woodlands. There has been vegetable production in two of the three garden areas for three years, third garden area, about 130'x60' is new and has been cover-cropped. Soil is clay loam and has been ammended with manure, compost, etc. There is a 50+ tree apple, pear, cherry, walnut orchard. There are also about 30 blueberry plants, raspberries, strawberries, asparagus.
Additional Notes: 
I am looking for someone with some experience who has a passion for gardening organically/sustainably and sees the world through environmental eyes. There is potential for sales to local CSA, Farmer's Mkt, Farm to Family direct sales from the gardens and orchard. There is also potential for 4 season gardening using hoop houses.
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